Enhance your product line with high quality milled grains.

At Great Lakes Milling Company Inc., our speciality is Corn and Wheat. Our company is dedicated to providing customers with grain based products that are “as good as it gets,” and with over 40 years of heritage combined to make our slogan “Taste & Tradition” mean something.

The company is based in the Golden Horseshoe of Canada, doing business around the globe. Being located in Southwestern Ontario, right in the heart of the corn and wheat belt, provides the company with access to some of the world’s best quality cereal grains and also some of the world’s most cost-effective food and industrial grain based products.

We at Great Lakes Milling Company Inc. provide on-demand shipping of all our milled products,

as well as specifications and samples on request.  In addition, we provide custom milling and provide Kosher, Halal organic and NON-GMO certified Corn and Wheat.

Customers can be sure that our grain products are eco-friendly

Our modern European milling equipment, technical expertise and exacting quality control processes ensure that you receive an excellent milled product every time.

Your consumers can appreciate that the grain ingredients you source from Great Lakes Milling Company Inc. are eco-friendly. They have been milled with modern European technology ensuring an efficient use of water and energy resources.

You can lower your company’s carbon footprint and your shipping costs by sourcing your corn and wheat locally from Great Lakes Milling Company Inc. since we are roughly 500 miles within reach of more than 70% of North America’s population. Ontario is known as “Foodland Province,” giving the company vast access to both time and cost-effective freight, via truck and rail.

Growth and leadership in the grains industry

Any questions you may have, including samples and specifications, please email us at info@greatlakesmills.com.