Purely Canadian-Milled Corn Products
Welcome to Great Lakes Milling Company Inc. Here, we place the highest priority on making sure that you can always rely on us to deliver excellence in all of our products.

We invest on highly-experienced millers, who on top of being knowledgeable, are committed to producing the best ingredients for the freshest most scrumptious tastes.

Producing quality food is a process.  Thankfully, we have built strong relationships with our neighboring farmers over the years.   Our collaborative efforts ensure that we have the freshest and most nutritious Corn locally sourced. Excellence in taste comes from abundance, hence we strive to continually enhance the integrity and flavour of our products along with helping to support local communities!
Corn meal and Flour


At Great Lakes Milling Company Inc., our products are made with your safety at the forefront of our priority.  Free from harmful chemical treatments and bleach.  We are HACCP compliant, Kosher certified, and Halal certified.

Premium products are available in one-tonne totes (super sacs) or 50Lbs paper sacs.

Our company is dedicated to providing customers with corn products that are “as good as it gets,” and with over 40 years of heritage combined to make our slogan “Taste & Tradition” mean something.
We are continually monitored by HACCP, KOSHER, and HALAL certifying bodies. Therefore frequent product testing is of essence. Our in-house lab takes tests of the raw material as we receive them and of the finished product continuously while in production. Our highly qualified shippers routinely prepare and inspect vehicles prior to loading.

For discerning customers looking for all-natural, high-quality corn, look no further than Great Lakes Milling Company Inc. Contact us today.